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Welcome to my home for my Org documents, literate configuration files, and other information about me. This website was written in Org mode and powered by Emacs.

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I am a self-taught programmer and computer scientist. I work in the languages of C, C++, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Rust, and I use Void Linux as a daily driver. I am also fluent in Java, HTML/CSS, MySQL, and Bash shell. I maintain my own website. I’m also an artist, YouTuber, and Twitch streamer, and I manage a small record label. This repository has all of my social media links, links to my music projects, and links to my Dotfiles.

You can see my web development homework live on my website.

This is my personal GitHub Pages website. I use it to host my literate configuration files. Please feel free to contribute pull requests or issues on this repository on GitHub, as the source code for this website is open source and licensed under the MIT License. These Org documents are viewable on my Dotfiles repository.

Author: Tanner Babcock

Created: 2023-03-05 Sun 00:57